Who we are

Welcome to our website this is our home to post all our drone adventures and photography around the UK. we hope to keep updating our site and sharing our love of all things drone. We also have a big interest in urban exploring and like to fit this in whenever we find somewhere of interest on our travels. we hope to soon add a whole section to the site just for urban exploration.

About the team

Anthony (Pilot, Blogger)


I’m Anthony and this is the story of how I started a very expensive hobby.

In 2011 I discovered the hobby of drone flying and aerial photography after watching some drone videos online. I instantly was drawn to them due to my love of the latest technology. With my experience in technology and electronics, I built my own drone. Being a self-built drone it was very hard to fly and spent more time on the ground in bits and being repaired then it did in the air.

I’m mainly the pilot of the drone and I also edit the video. Before anyone asks I use a MacBook air to travel and edit with. While it can handle 4K video it is not the fastest thing in the world but I’m happy with it. I’d like to upgrade to a new Macbook Pro but I keep buying drones.

When I’m not flying I spend my work days as an ICT Manager for a local charity doing everything from putting paper in the photocopier to planning and installing networks and servers into centers.

As a gamer and a geek if I am not working on servers or flying a very expensive and very fun bit of kit you can often find me in VR playing games and forgetting that the world is real.

You can find me online at some of the following places.

Phil (Spotter, Support, Blogger)

When i first started my career I studied Electrical Engineering and completed an apprent

iceship and achived abachelors degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I’ve always had a big interest in technology so drones where something i soon found interesting. I love being in the outdoors and exploring new places. I have two other passions which tke up a good portion of my time, the first is martial arts. ive studdied martial arts for about 10 years now with most of my training being in kung fu and my studies are currently in the wing chun style. im also a 1st dan in judo and still train regularly and have recently started training in muay thai. My second passion is music, I have been playing Bass guitar since i was 15 and am currently in a band called the Sy Pryor Quartet we play jazz/funk style music in the east midlands.

Check back regular for our latest adventures and to keep up to date about what we are working on and where we might be next.